Posted by on Sep 18, 2013 in Timmothy Merath

Maybe diving head first into two-handed bowling isn’t the smartest move.  More so from a psychological standpoint…  There I was on week one, warm-up commencing and one decision to make: take my limited two-handed practice and expose it to the world or go with what I know and spare myself some mental stress.  I took […]

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The president, governors around the countries, countless mayors, all giving state of the [BLANK] addresses around this time of year.  Seeing as I haven’t shared anything in a while, it’s appropriate timing to present the State of the Tim.  Sure, I don’t affect your life as much as the politicians previously mentioned, but there’s a […]

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Bowling was fun tonight.  Challenging, fun, and rewarding.  I haven’t bowled league in two weeks and was itching to get out on the lanes.  No, itching is an understatement.  I was starving for some real bowling action. It definitely helped that I had a new weapon.  It’s not a secret that I came upon a […]