Time to Regroup

Thursday night at league was very interesting. I managed to bowl above my average, but also have my worst night since before Halloween. It’s a good example of how drastically I improved starting in mid-October, raising my average from 128 (through 8 weeks) to 143 (through 16 weeks). It’s definitely a good sign when an off night is still above my average, but I need to jump back in head first and try and take that next big leap forward, since, as the title of this post suggests, I’ve lost some momentum over the last month.

I wasn’t that off, had a first ball average over 8, but I couldn’t find the pocket. 4 or 5 of my 7 strikes were crossovers and the balls I thought were good weren’t quite lining up right, I left several 2-pins and 1-2’s as the ball wasn’t hooking enough. For the most part I was picking up my spares, but the inability to settle on where my strike ball was had me moving a board or two or changing my mark a little bit so often that I began to over-think and missed a couple. Plus, I struggled with my spare ball on 6′s and 10′s. A big part of the problem was that I was having trouble consistently hitting my mark. I wasn’t far off,  but it varied enough that it was hard to make adjustments since I wasn’t getting a solid read. I definitely need to spend some time in practice finding my rhythm again.

Not throwing a single strike, not even a crossover!, in the third game was weird and fairly frustrating, and it didn’t help after I had 3 opens in the first 4 frames. It felt like when I bowled a 90 early in the season, nothing I could think of seemed to work. At least this time I managed a score that wasn’t embarrassing, just not good. More than anything I need to get comfortable with my form again. I can tell that I’m not being consistent, nothing in particular is off, but a lot of little things vary too much from shot to shot. It’s all just part of the journey and I’m enjoying the ride. Until next time, keep reaching for glory!