Lots to Learn

Was able to have my 2 nd lesson with Steve Wednesday afternoon. It wasn’t quite as eye-opening as the first one, but I’m feeling more confident about how to attack spares and we were able to pinpoint which parts of my form still needed some work.

We went over the standard number of boards to move for each pin, an idea I wasn’t unfamiliar with but that I had not mastered or completely understood. After working through it with Steve, and talking about the ways it can be slightly adjusted depending on the situation and personal preference, I’m feeling much more comfortable with the system and how to approach many spare situations. I made the decision that for now I’m going to be using my spare ball for 6’s and 10’s and otherwise adjusting my position from my strike ball for everything else.

My arm swing has remained solid since we corrected it last time and my steps were still good, or at least better. My footwork does need some work, I’m stepping straight, which is what we wanted, but am still opening up my right foot on my first step, like I originally did when I would cross-over and actually walk to the left. I also need to work on keeping my shoulders square, not completely square, but there is too much variation right now and when I open up more than I should I either throw too far to the right, sometimes in the gutter, or overcorrect and the ball goes left of the head pin. I knew I still needed to work on my shoulders, but was a little surprised to learn about my foot turning, I hadn’t realized it on my own. That’s what coaches are for!

I didn’t bowl my best during the lesson, never quite found a strike position I was completely comfortable with, but was able to learn a lot about the spare game and what adjustments I still need to work on to improve my consistency. Thinking a lot more than I’d been accustomed to, and towards the end fatigue, probably played a factor in my performance. With the improvement I’ve experienced over the last two months I had stopped thinking about anything besides my mark. That’s how it should be, once I get all of the pieces put into place, but I need to revisit working on my form over the next couple weeks if I really want to set myself up to be as good as I can be moving forward.

Due to the blizzard yesterday bowling was cancelled, but I’m planning on getting a lot of practice in over the next couple weeks and will let you know how it goes. Until then, keep reaching for glory!