Still New to the Game

I bowled a 355 series last night. Not sure why but I needed to get that out there before I go on with this post. My streak of 400 series ends at two, not really something to brag about but that 4 at the front definitely made me feel better the last couple weeks. I didn’t bowl much worse than normal, if anything I would say it was my second or third best night when it came to hitting my marks and having a decent form. The problem was I didn’t get a read on the lanes to the point where I was confident in my mark and starting position. Admittedly some of the inconsistency came from issues with my form, but unlike previous weeks nothing jumped out that needed to be fixed drastically, it was more of a mix of all the issues I have popping up at different times. If anything my biggest problem right now is timing, I’m too focused on everything else I’ve worked on or tried to correct so my release points are all over the place and I’m having trouble finding a rhythm.

Felt pretty good after practice

On Wednesday evening I headed over to King Pin to get some practice games in and it was an interesting experience. I had no strikes in my first two games but was picking up spares like never before and managed a 153 and a 143. Happy with the scores, but somewhat nervous about the lack of strikes, I tried moving my mark and starting spot a little in the 3 rd game. This didn’t really go as I had planned as I bowled a 104 with only one strike, however I tried speeding up my approach, I had slowed down to work on my form, and I opened my fourth and final game of the day with X X 7/ X X. That felt really good. I got a split and missed a couple spares for a very unspectacular end to my second best start ever, but I have no complaints with a 164 and thought I had learned something important.

I went into league excited about what I thought could be my best night so far. I had spent the day thinking about how if you ignore that 104 I bowled a 460 in practice with only four strikes. I’m still not sure if that unwarranted confidence was the biggest factor in my struggles, one of several, or if it wasn’t really the issue at all. What I do know is that I could not replicate what I had done the day before.

I ended up wasting most of my practice time trying to throw with the increased speed that had worked for me at the end of my practice session. But I couldn’t find that groove again and had to slow it back down. With the change I went into game one without having found my mark and it would be a problem that followed me all night. Ignoring a couple of dumb mistakes brought on by my own frustration, including a costly gutter ball following a spare that derailed my 2 nd game early on, I threw the ball fine, not great but no worse than usual. Conditions were difficult, I talked to several guys on the other team who said they were using approaches and marks that they hadn’t used in years if ever. I can’t really say what made it so hard but I can tell you that I just couldn’t find a way to hit the pocket consistently no matter how many things I tried.

While I was bowling I wasn’t worried about my score so much as trying to adjust and hoping to finish strong, it had saved me the last two weeks! But since the last game ended I can’t get that 355 off of my mind. I’m excited about having my first lesson this week and can’t wait to get back out there! Every experience, good or bad, is going to help me get better. Keep reaching for glory!