A Little Coaching Goes a Long Way

I headed up to Sheboygan to meet up with Steve for my first lesson on Tuesday afternoon and it was great! I definitely have a better understanding of what I was doing wrong and wish I would’ve been able to arrange my first lesson earlier because it changed how I see the game. Before I go on I need to thank Steve for being awesome. He really understands the game and was able to point out issues in my form and come up with solutions right away, even when he wasn’t completely sure what the best course of action was.

He had my warm up and when I was ready took some video so that I could see what he was talking about. This was way more helpful than I thought possible! The first thing we noticed was how I was pushing the ball to the right on my approach, giving me no choice but bringing it behind my back, I blame physics. This made so much more sense to me when I could see it myself, I would have sworn I was pushing it straight. Steve told me to push it slightly left and I was throwing it straighter since what felt slightly left to me was, almost, straight. It did feel a little awkward and uncomfortable but I could see how it helped with my aim, and perhaps more than anything my consistency.

The next thing he pointed out was that I was turning my shoulder back and opening my hips too much which added to the problem. We worked on keeping my shoulders horizontal, the trick was to find that sweet spot in between perfectly straight and what I had been doing. This is going to take some time, but I am closer to that now than I ever have been. Arguably the most important thing I learned was that I wasn’t keeping my feet straight. On my approach I would crossover and walk a little to the left but would open my foot, with my toes pointing towards or even wide of the 10 pin, which was a contributing factor in my first two issues. I worked on keeping my feet straight, shoulder nearly parallel, and not pushing the ball to the right and it was amazing how different, but once I saw the results and consistency, absolutely better it felt. My timing and release points were improved and after sticking around after the lesson to throw some more balls it was feeling pretty natural. The challenge now is to internalize these changes so I can at least attempt not thinking too much while I’m out there!

I’m very excited to have this new knowledge of my game and can’t wait to see what happens next. This is still very much the beginning but I feel like I’ve passed a milestone and can only get better from here, even if my scores might not reflect that right away as I become more confident and comfortable with the changes. Just one of many steps on the road to glory! Tonight should be interesting!