Déjà Vu

I don't like seeing red, it's evil!

I swear I’ve been here before, but it felt a lot different than this…  Looking up at the scores on the screen at the end of league on Monday night, something wreaked of familiarity.  I knew it wasn’t how I’d bowled—this week had a much better feel than last week.  I looked through my stats on the night, but that was definitely a different story since I actually found a strike shot this week.  I clicked to go back a screen the listing of all the scores for the league and there it was… Despite the fact that everything felt completely different and a ton better than last week, the scores were almost identical .  195, 188, 152 last week.  195, 190, 153 this week.  How could polar opposite series end up with the same scores?!

It’s simple.  Scores don’t matter.  I’d learned that a while back, but it was reinforced on Monday.  Sure, when you’re bowling a tournament or trying to make McGutters feel inferior to you the scores are extremely important.  In the grand scheme of life as a bowler, though, you can’t get obsessed with them.  They’re only important when the pressure is on.  Up until things become serious, it’s all just practice, right?  Don’t discard a good night because the scores chose to stay at home and watch a crappy reality TV (no apologies to reality TV fans, sorry).

Splits really know how to ruin a good stats sheet

Execution was good for the night.  I kept my arm in, didn’t force my backswing, and delivered the ball smoothly (the beer was delivered smoothly, too, thank you Cory and Kristy).  It was luck that wasn’t on my side.  The first two games went well but, instead of fatigue hitting my the week before, it was unfortunate leaves.  A 6-7-10 in the second frame that should have been just a 6-10.  Then a wicked 3-6-9-10 that I just barely missed picking up in the third.  The sixth frame featured a 1-2-10 that was really not bad luck, just a really horrible lapse of judgement and bowling ability.  I can’t use luck as a scapegoat all the time.  Then another open split in the 10th to close the night early (3-10).  I knew something was up when I left a 7-10 in the ninth frame of the second game on what appeared to be a PERFECT ball.  Obviously it wasn’t.

Some other interesting points from the night: dropping the starting height of the ball helped get my timing back in line, my revs continue to go up as I move slowly from crappy bowler to less crappy bowler, and spares are still not my strong suit.  Also, my Bandit took back some space in my heart, tearing up the lane on any throw that I didn’t screw up for it.  It may not get all the attention of it’s brothers and cousins in the Roto and Storm lines, but that is a really good ball.  Respect.

So, enough about bowling, let’s talk about bread.  Yes, bread.  Check this out:

Does that saying sound strangely familiar?  Uh huh, it’s starting to spread.  Like butter.  On bread.  Get it?  Yeah, I’m not as funny as I think I am…

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