Posted by on Mar 16, 2013 in Blog , Zak Becker

Practice, practice, practice… something I didn’t do this past week, and it showed. I was out of town last weekend and just couldn’t find a good time to get to the lanes before Thursday night, in hindsight, I should have made some time. Being under 400 was a little upsetting, but at least there were […]

Posted by on Jan 10, 2013 in Blog , Timmothy Merath

Bowling is nothing like riding a bike.  Unlike one’s ability to remember how to ride a bike after years of wheel-less activity, bowling has a memory of about three seconds.  If it’s been any longer, your ability to remember exactly how you threw that perfect shot is gone.  Well, that’s how it feels right now, […]

Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Blog , Zak Becker

Well, due to the holiday schedule, some craziness at work, and personal plans, this month has included significantly less bowling than October and November. I’m still growing and improving as a bowler, and the bowling side of me is definitely looking forward to returning to some sort of a routine after everything settles in the […]