Posted by on Nov 3, 2013 in Blog , Zak Becker

I’ve gotten past the struggles of a few weeks ago and have been bowling well, but I’m still leaving too many pins out there. In order to take the next step forward I need to work on my muscle memory and make sure I am fully executing every shot. After constantly adjusting for most of […]

Posted by on Oct 17, 2013 in Blog , Zak Becker

I never quite finished my post for last week so I’ll be covering my last two nights at league in this post… Last week was weird, I came out on fire with a turkey to start things off, was feeling great at that point, only to leave the next FIVE frames open, ouch! All five […]

Remembering the Little Things

Remembering the Little Things

Posted by on Sep 29, 2013 in Blog , Zak Becker

The first two weeks I started with subpar games of 127 and 136, but both nights I improved every game and ended with solid, well, at least for me, series of 444 and 471. So, when I opened with a 167 on Wednesday I was thinking big. I had my shot lined up with the […]