Posted by on Jan 2, 2014 in Hump Day Hurdle

Well I hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season as we roll into 2014. Now I am sure almost everyone has created or at least entertained the idea of their new year’s resolutions for 2014. But if I had to guess, how many folks added bowling resolutions in the mix? I’m going to […]

Posted by on Dec 4, 2013 in Hump Day Hurdle

In this latest rendition of the Hump Day Hurdle I wanted to share my thoughts on the PBA’s recent attempt to explain lane conditions by adding dye to the oil. That’s right I’m talking about the now famous “blue oil” that made its television debut during the Cheetah Championship. You know the event Wes Malott […]

Posted by on Nov 7, 2013 in Hump Day Hurdle

In this segment of Hump Day Hurdle I would like to share some insight from the PBA World Series of Bowling recently held in Las Vegas. I know I have talked before how even the pros get into funks and struggle with timing and feel, and it was no different this go round. As part […]