A New Approach

Posted by on May 10, 2014 in Blog , Zak Becker

The end of my league season was fairly uneventful. I was hoping to be able to continue my hot streak and bring my average up into the 160′s, but I plateau’d and finished with a 158 average. After having seven 500 series, out of ten, from December to early March I only had two 500 series the last seven weeks. I didn’t completely collapse, the worst nights still matched last years average and were in the 430′s, but as I had alluded to before, I needed to refocus on my form and bowl consistently, without over-thinking, which was my biggest problem last year.

I learned a lot the last few weeks, not the best timing with league wrapping up last week, but it will make nationals pretty interesting and with some work over the summer I could be a brand new bowler come next September, especially after my lesson with Hank Boomershine from Storm up at Steve’s a couple weeks ago. We worked through my form and delivery from start to finish and made a lot of changes, here’s what we worked on.

Start position: The first thing Hank did was have me move my right foot further back in my starting stance. I usually had it an inch or so further back than my left foot, but, I now have my right toe even with my left heel. We wanted to do that to allow me to open my hips more, which helps me keep my arm tighter to my body and not swing the ball around my back and/or push it to the left. I also moved the ball a little more to the right and lift it up higher, just barely touching it to my right shoulder. I also focus more on locking my elbow in tight to my side to keep my arm swing straight.

Approach: We made some significant changes to my approach, I had been leaning over too much and Hank wants me to keep my chin up and shoulders back and focus on swinging my arms. I also need to let my arm fully extend, I was trying to make sure to keep my arm and hand behind the ball, but had been bending at the elbow to do so. I need to keep the weight of the ball on my index finger and keep my hand inside of the ball, but need to do so with a follow extended elbow. This has been a tougher adjustment, but when I pull it off the results are there.

Release: The biggest change to my release, and something I would have never considered on my own, is keeping my trail leg on the ground. This relates back to keeping my shoulders back and chin up and my approach, when I pick up my trail leg too much I lean forward which throws off my timing and the rest of my form. I also need to keep my palm behind the ball and then turn my fingers from the inside of the ball to the outside on my release, but not over turn it and spin the ball, but rather roll it and get true revs instead of spin.

With so many adjustments it’s still a work in progress at this point, but when I am able to put it all together it’s definitely the best my shot has looked, ever. Should be an interesting few series at the stadium in Reno!

Keep reaching for glory!