Bowling on TV

Posted by on Feb 6, 2014 in Timmothy Merath

Did you enjoy the drama of the Super Clash this past Sunday?  Is it just me or does bowling need more of this?  After watching it, I felt like it gave a lot more circumstance to the broadcast and that you could get your arms completely around it.  There were no qualifying rounds that you didn’t get to watch and it wasn’t filmed and done months prior.  Just pure competition.  Bowler vs. bowler for money.  Between this and the team competitions, the PBA might be inching closer to become a magnet to viewers eyes.

Would love to see them do more one-on-one matches throughout the season that add up to something at the end.  That’s the missing piece of the Belmo/Rash show… no follow-up that anyone is aware of.  It would be fantastic to have a singles schedule in addition to the team schedule (maybe even tie in the singles as part of team points, somehow) and start to feature the key bowlers more and then push just a couple major tournaments each year.  I’d vote for the US Open and World Championships.  The “Masters” is already so engrained in golf, it’s probably not worth using that title anymore.

That singles schedule could have some qualifications to become a part of it, since you can’t have hundreds of singles in that pool.  So, you turn the World Series of Bowling—with a new title, poker already stole it from baseball—into a qualifying tournament for the next year’s singles circuit.  Bowl your way into the big leagues.  You could even keep it relatively the same in terms of all the events, each having so many people that make it through,  still have the trophies and such.  Hey, the winner of each event could get two years in the singles pool!

Okay, so I really do have any authority to suggest what they should do and I’m not alone it throwing out my unsolicited opinion, but I can’t help but think that maybe I’m not completely wrong about the possibilities.  Now, Tom Clark does live pretty close to me… might be time to find him and see if we can make Tim’s reality into everyone’s reality!  Okay, bad idea, we don’t want some of the things in my head to get out.  No one wants eight-foot-tall penguins with rocket packs dropping chocolate donuts on them.  Or do they?