Despite some nasty weather, Tim and I headed up to Sheboygan to see Steve on Wednesday so we could get our new equipment set up. The first thing we did was go over the layouts we had on our current balls to see what holes in our arsenals we could fill. Being able to go over everything with Steve and have him explain why we should do things a certain way was an awesome experience, he knows way more about bowling than I could ever hope to. Steve had drilled Tim’s current arsenal, but this was his first time working with me. The first thing he noticed, and this was something he had been worried about during my lessons, was that my fit wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t that far off, just 1/8 th of an inch too far between my thumb and fingers, but that was enough to have some impact.

I decided I’m going to designate my Defiant as a practice ball, at this point it’s in major need of some work, mainly because I had it before I knew how to properly take care of my equipment, and I haven’t used it much lately, but I’m going to keep the Berserk active. We set up the Defiant Soul really aggressive and since I haven’t had trouble with the Berserk hooking too much, we laid out the Disturbed to be fairly aggressive as well. First we drilled my Wrecker with the new finger positions, Steve wanted to make sure I was comfortable with it before drilling the Defiant Soul and Disturbed. Steve was right, as usual, and the adjustment felt great, I guess sometimes you don’t know something is a little off until you actually experience it the correct way, especially when you’re a beginner.

We were up by Steve for a solid 4 hours and between throwing the Berserk, so Steve could get my axis and decide what we should do with the other balls, and getting to practice with all the new stuff I probably bowled the equivalent of 12-15 games. It was just too much fun throwing the new stuff, all three balls worked great and I enjoyed seeing the variety of reactions. Was playing the Wrecker down and in and lined up a great shot, took to the Disturbed right away, probably since I’m used to the Berserk which is also an HP3, and once I figured out the Soul it was a beast attacking the pins.

I was excited to use the new balls during league on Thursday, I started with the Disturbed and stuck with it all night. The ball was awesome and when I put everything together it was a thing of beauty. Unfortunately my performance was mediocre. Started strong out of the gates, if it weren’t for a pocket split a would have opened with four strikes, however I followed that up with 3 opens in a row, including a gutter ball. I closed with two marks and was able to score above my average at 152. The other two games would have similar patterns and all three had 6 closed frames and 4 open. Using the new ball was causing me to over think, and that’s all on me. I definitely want to get some work in with the other two balls, but the Disturbed seems to fit me well.

Both Tim and I will not be bowling this week as we are at a trade show for work. But we are going to let you get in on the fun of having one of the new Roto Grip balls. Everyone who comments on this post will be entered in a random drawing to win their choice of a Defiant Soul, Disturbed, or Wrecker. Comments must be made by 11:59 pm CST Sunday, February 10 th . Good luck, and until next time, keep reaching for glory!