Holding Back

Strong start for us, we’re usually really slow to go… won the game, too!

I bowled so horribly last week that I refused to talk much about it.  Instead, I rambled on about a bunch of other stuff and tried to prevent that disaster from making a permanent home in my psyche.  Well, after ten frames of this week, the road felt all too familiar… 125 up on the board and my ego crushed on the approach.  Why, oh why, do I keep doing this to myself…

The frustration was practically seeping out of my pores, it was so strong.  I could feel disgust with myself just boiling within.  Maybe, just maybe, this was a breaking point.  Or maybe not.

497? I’ll buy that, sure.

Over the next game, I slowed things down.  Tried to get hold of what was happening.  Believe it or not, it kinda worked.  Only two opens and closed with a 171.  The best part of the game was the 10th frame, though.  Starting with the first ball, I went back to a very specific moment in my coaching session with Steve—at one point, I was putting a bunch of steam on the ball.  It was aggressive and came out of being frustrated. I only kept that going for a few throws at that time and Steve was very intrigued by it.  He caught me doing it from the corner of his eye, stopped his conversation, and said something to the effect of “where the heck did that come from, that was good!”.  Figured since I was frustrated already, might as well see if I could go there again and get something out of it.

60% of those missed spares came in the first game!


Whoa, that was fun!

Could I keep this going, is there where I should be?  Next game, strike-strike-strike-strike…  I wasn’t exactly launching the ball, but it was faster than were I was.  Less holding back.  The hook was still there, too.  Moved just a bit right, but still had a great angle in.  Instead of finessing and controlling things, I just let things happen naturally.  That’s the thing, I wasn’t forcing the fast.  It’s kinda like it’s been there all along, just waiting for me to stop trying to shape my shots like a robot.  Bowling has such flowing motion to it and I was attempting to engineer my form.  Now, I was just letting it happen.

Though, my feet didn’t speed up.  I kept them calm and slow, and I think that got my timing into a better place.  To end the game, I threw an okay shot in the seventh frame to leave a 1-2-4-10 because I was just a bit off on my hand position.  No big deal.  Next frame, a missed 4-pin by just a hair (but still decent).  201 to close after going clean the final two frames.  Wow, I can do this!

I walked away with a 497 that felt like my best night of the season.  Scores schmores, who the heck cares!  Closing on that note, I went from gutter to glory in one night, sorta (thank you to my wife for that little line)!

Not exactly sure what next week will bring, but I at least feel some hope starting to rise to overtake the frustration.

It’s contest time!  Our winner for last week was Michael McKinney, who will get a sweet new Roto Grip bag to carry around his arsenal.  Congratulations, Michael!  This week, leave a comment simply stating your own high single-game score.  If it’s higher than mine, you don’t qualify.  Okay… just kidding.  Last week of the giveaway, make sure you don’t miss out.