Confidence is Key

I was able to get a solid practice session in on Wednesday, needed that to help me forget about everything that went wrong last week. I knew if I was going to use the wrist support and the Berserk I better not go into league without trying it out, learned that lesson already! It will take some more time to get used to, but, I really like what I’m seeing from the ball when I put everything together, it really attacks the pins! The big challenge for me is being confident in the different starting position and mark combinations that work with how this ball’s set up. When I do what I intend to the results are there, but I’m fighting against myself. The two big issues are my tendency to push the ball left now that I’m keeping my shoulders closed and being confident that I won’t throw gutter balls if my mark is farther to the right than I’m used to, sometimes it’s just poor aim or execution but being unsure of myself makes it worse.

I was fairly intent on sticking with the Berserk through the night, if I would’ve bowled another sub-100 game that would have changed,  and was able to accomplish that goal. I couldn’t  find a rhythm early, was getting nervous when I was under 50 through the first 5 frames, but had a solid end to the first game and if it wasn’t for the 4-10 split in the 8 th I could have ended the game with four closed frames in a row. 116 is lower than I’d like to be, but I bowled better than the score. I’m still thinking too much but it’s really hard for me to not think about something I’ve already gone over correcting and the new ball just adds to it. Only experience can fix that problem.

Game two started well, but, I knew I was still a little off and as I tried to make some small adjustments I couldn’t keep it together. Wasn’t throwing that bad but I couldn’t get comfortable and struggled in the middle of the game. However, scores were down for everyone as the conditions were tough and I improved from my first game.

Game three started almost identically to game two, but I was hoping to keep it going for the duration. Through the first six frames I had one of my better starts, but I missed the 10 pin in the 7 th , had a split in the 8 th , and just didn’t throw good first balls in the last two frames. I can’t be upset with a 140 at this point, but that game could have been better and I definitely felt like I bowled good enough to get 400 for the series, but I didn’t.

Improved each game and managed to avoid any true gutter balls!

We did pick up our first win of the season, that was fun!, and I felt good despite not reaching 400. Nothing spectacular about my performance, but even though I only bowled about 40 pins better, it felt like night and day compared to last week. Need to make sure I practice at least once a week to keep my confidence and comfort level up. I’m slowly making my way out of the gutter, but every improvement and lesson is a step towards glory!


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