Better and Worse

Picked up my freshly drilled Berserk right before league started and decided to give it a go in warm-up and switch back to the Defiant if necessary. In hindsight, I should have just rolled with the Defiant, I switched back after the first game, and given myself an opportunity to get used to the Berserk during practice. It would be easy to blame the ball for my downright atrocious performance last night but it was my fault, the ball can’t do it’s job if I’m not confident with it. The full breakdown is up on Twitter, @Gutter2Glory, but it felt awful enough posting it once. I bowled my worst series, 348, and only sub-100 game of the year.

What Went Right


It was a rough night but I was able to carry over the changes in my arm swing and footwork. It’s starting to feel more natural, something I need to have happen so I can focus on other issues. Unfortunately, getting some more work in with the new form to help commit it to muscle memory might have been the best thing I did last night.


I am getting much better at realizing when a shot was just bad or I missed my mark and not making unnecessary adjustments. Too bad that doesn’t matter if most of the shots are bad or off target.

Game 2

The 152 I bowled in my second game felt way better than the other games score-wise, but I still had my issues and was aided by a couple of crossover strikes. My bowling wasn’t that much better, the pins were just falling my way more in that game. Although, even for how off I was, I deserved higher than 90 in the first game so I guess it evens out.

What Went Wrong

New Ball Sans-Practice

From what I understand it’s plenty common, if not normal, to use a brand new ball during league but I am obviously not good enough, or too much of an over-analyzer, to do that yet, probably both. I’m excited about the potential of the Berserk but not being used to how it reacts had me thinking way too much and the problem wasn’t the ball, it was my inability to execute.


My footwork and arm swing, which had been the bigger issues going into my lesson last week, weren’t the problem. I’m sure they weren’t perfect but at this point I can’t really expect that, I can strive for it but need to be realistic. Trying to keep my shoulders more square, the third thing I took away from my lesson last week, was one of the issues. I just kept pushing the ball left of my mark as I tried to not to turn too much. In the end my wrist was the biggest physical problem, I just haven’t been able to get over the muscle memory of having too much bend and movement. I had used the wrist support that Tim borrowed me a couple times, but had gone without it during my lesson and league last week so I wasn’t planning on using it this week. To this point I just haven’t been able to feel issues with my wrist naturally, and once the problem was pointed out I became so focused on it that I wasn’t turning my wrist at all and lost some hook. Will need to get some practice time in with the improved form, wrist support, and the Berserk all at once before next week.


The combination of all of these issues had me missing my mark so often that I just couldn’t confidently adjust and it spiraled out of control from there. Not wanting to adjust for bad shots, I kept doing the same thing hoping I’d hit it. I moved a couple boards each way on my approach and tried to zero it in, just couldn’t pull it all together when I was throwing the ball all over the place.

Definitely the most frustrating night I’ve had so far, but that’s mainly because I know I’m a better bowler than I was when this started but still managed to have my worst night. Need to get some significant practice time in this week to regain my composure. No matter how far away it might seem, keep reaching for glory, you won’t make it if you don’t try!


Comment below and you’ll be entered to win a Roto Grip bag just like Tom JT Parie did this week! Guess what my high game will be next week or leave a comment of your own! Comments must be posted by 11:59PM CDT on Wednesday with the winner announced on Thursday. Good Luck!