Back On Track

That 355 from last week stuck with me up until my lesson on Tuesday, but after working with Steve the things I learned helped me clear my head and gave me a sense of starting over. As Thursday night approached I was curious to see how much of what I had learned on Tuesday I would be able to replicate. I still had plenty of mistakes and bad shots but the better understanding of my game definitely helped and I had my best night of the season.

We were a man down and on a bye this week so things were moving pretty fast last night. Not sure if that helped or hurt me, I usually bowl quickly when I practice but the changes in my form had my muscles aching a little more than normal as I was fighting against myself. In the end it probably wasn’t a major factor.

I needed this after last week

I felt pretty good in warm-ups but couldn’t quite execute the way that I was on Tuesday and struggled for the first couple of frames. I did throw a strike in the 2 nd but it was a Brooklyn and I still wasn’t sure of my mark. I found my rhythm in the second half of game one and if it wasn’t for a couple of splits to end it I may have had one of my best scores so far. My performance was nowhere near perfect but it felt good to have a little more control and I had regained confidence in my shot.

Had a very strong start to game two but fell apart around the same time I picked things up in the first game. I was adjusting my starting position as the conditions changed and wasn’t entirely sure of myself on a couple shots. The oil was heavy again and between my missed shots and one of our subs bowling straight on it was getting pushed around and made it difficult to read. One of the guys on the team next to us was fairly upset with the conditions and also quite vocal about it, to the point of getting annoying. Not every night is going to be the same and you need to adjust, not complain.

After having a gutter ball free first two games I threw three in the final game, by far my most inconsistent performance of the night. If it weren’t for those gutter balls, including bookending my game with them, it may have been my best score of the night. All three happened in a similar fashion, I just took my eyes off my mark, missed it to the right and with the heavy oil there just wasn’t a chance of it fighting it’s way back in time to stay out. I did manage to beat Tim, I was worried I had ruined my chance with my last throw, so I can say I accomplished one of my goals. My new goal is to beat Tim on a night where he scores over 500, might be a while but it’s something to aim for.

Not that I was discouraged after last week, admittedly there was some frustration, but I have a renewed sense of excitement for what I could possibly accomplish by the end of this season. I’m going to spend the next couple weeks working on what I’ve learned and can’t wait to meet up with Steve again and see what else we can accomplish! Until next time, keep reaching for glory!


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